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Mobile - HCVM L




  Feature Highlights:

High throughput of up to 25 trucks per hour in scan mode and up to 150 trucks per hour in pass through mode

Steel penetration up to 320mm (12.6")

viZual technology for real organic/inorganic material discrimination at 6MeV

Up to 6 different Scanning Modes

Adjustable Scanning Heights



Automatic Radioactive Material Detection

Automatic Guidance System

The latest HCVM L series is a revolutionary solution providing enhanced screening & security features such as organic/inorganic material discrimination and facilitating threat identification through viZual technology.  This system uses a range of accelerators from 4MeV to 6MeV, and a variety of scanning modes providing more operational efficiency. The combination of 





these capabilities and high mobility makes this product ideal for applications that require the quick and easy relocation of the screening checkpoint. 

HCVM L is supplied with DaiSy, our powerful software platform installed as standard on all our HCV Cargo and Vehicle Inspection Systems. DaiSy displays detailed X-ray images and provides operators with multiple customisable image treatments, options and comparison tools, aiding in the timely interpretation of results and verification of cargo.


The HCVM L has the ability to be driven independently from location to location and is ready to use in under 15 minutes. The HCVM L is designed for ease of operation, requiring a minimal footprint and external infrastructure while still meeting the most demanding international security screening requirements.




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